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Just a LM cover

Shortlisted for Best Picture Book, 

Singapore Book Awards 2021

Honoured to be included in the ten favourite picture books in Singapore in the WORLD THROUGH PICTURE BOOKS CATALOGUE 3rd Edition 2023, IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions). 


Just a Little Mynah

Little Mynah wishes she was not so ordinary.

But when her friend, the magnificent Heron, gets into trouble she flies into action and discovers that even ordinary little birds can do extraordinary things.



The heart of this story is about friendship, courage and self-esteem with an underlying theme of environmental conservation. 


​This is the first multilingual picture book in a series that introduces preschoolers and lower primary school kids to the diverse languages and cultures of Singapore. 


In English, with dialogue in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

Listen to the useful everyday words and phrases, and enjoy fun activities by scanning the QR code inside the book.



Available in major bookstores in Singapore, and online at Epigram Books, Closetful of Books. For children in the United States and Canada, Just a  Little Mynah is published by Global Bookshelves International and available on Amazon.

Also available as an e-book.


A dramatic reading of an excerpt from the book

Special thanks to Kaarshini and her mum.

And a big thank you to artist Dhanendra Poedjono for creating the paper puppets.


Behind the Scenes

Storytime with Evelyn 

Learn more about the inspiration behind this book, and what parents and children alike can look forward to in this 6-min video!


For downloadable Little Mynah colouring sheets, games and more, head here.


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Written by: Evelyn Sue Wong

Illustrated by: Dhanendra Poedjono

Published by: Epigram Books, September 2020

ISBN 978-981-49-0141-3

Available in major bookstores in Singapore, and online at Epigram Books, Closetful of Books and Global Bookshelves International (United States and Canada).

Also available as an e-book.

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