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The Noisiest Tree

Little Mynah loves to entertain at home. When her new friend Karim says the birds in the tree are too noisy, she finds a way to open his ears and heart to the different sounds of everyday life in the neighbourhood.


​This is the third multilingual picture book in a series that introduces preschoolers and lower primary school kids to the diverse languages and cultures of Singapore. 

In English, with dialogue in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.


Listen to useful everyday words and phrases spoken by Little Mynah and her friends, and enjoy games and other activities by scanning the QR code inside the book.



 Available in major Singapore bookstores, and online at Epigram Books and Closetful of Books.  Also available as an e-book.


A fun read-aloud of first pages of the book

Special thanks to Iden Lee Imran and his older sister, Isabel.

Written by: Evelyn Sue Wong

Illustrated by: Dhanendra Poedjono

Published by: Epigram Books, June 2022

ISBN 978-981-49-8427-0 (paperback)

ISBN 978-981-49-8428-7 (ebook)

The Noisiest Tree Read-Aloud
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